We spent most of our careers working for ADP. We had different paths Joe starting in Technology and Ron in Finance but between us (over the years) we think we can check the box on all major functions except HR.

We acquired and managed roughly 45 companies worth several billion dollars around the globe. We were involved in spinning off and managing the $2B carve out of CDK Global from ADP.

Ron & Joe both sat on the Board of Open Dealer Exchange (ODE) for years. ODE was transformed from a concept to "the premier provider" in two segments within automotive. Both revenues & profit grew exponentially over this time-frame.

We have a number of partners in the venture and on average we have 25+ years of experience managing all aspects of b​other services and technology companies

We debated how many companies we looked at over the years and while we don't actually know we can say the number is rather staggering. When we engaged in our first private investment we found managing Due Diligence for a private investment was quite similar to when we were acquiring companies for hundreds of millions.

We prefer to take a more active role in the companies we invest in as we have been blessed to have seen a lot in our careers.

Joe Bihner
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30+ years starting and managing technology centric businesses in the Automotive Segment

Ron Workman
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30+ years acquiring and integrating business around the globe into Automotive segment.